Robotic cell for grinding faucet bodies.

Products: faucets from casting, machining or forging process.
Layout with 6 grinding units with different possible configurations.
Integration of several robot brands: ABB, FANUC, KUKA, YASKAWA, etc.
Double palletizer for automatic loading and unloading.
Customised HMI interface. Easy adjustment.
Smart calibration system.
Automatic compensation of belt wear.
Possibility of processing a large variety of geometries.
MEPSA online service. Remote assitance. Offline programming available as an option.

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    Multi-unit layout. Possibility of transferring the programs to different cells.

  • Automatic loading and unloading palletizer

    Automatic double palletizing system. Loading and unloading. Working cycle without interruptions.


    Washbasin faucet with 1% of the surface being processed. Perfect homogeneous finish.


    Quick setup. Specific configuration of the units with the possibility of using contact wheels adapted to the geometry of the parts.


    Guaranteed repeatability during the grinding process. Constant production.

  • Large variety of designs and shapes.

    Detail of bath-shower bodies of complex geometries obtaining 1% of surface processed.

  • Smart callibration system

    Integrated measuring system for fastening deviations correction. Automatic modification of robot trajectories.

  • Customised HMI software

    Total control of production parameters. Real-time adjustments. Remote assitance.

  • Offline programming

    Offline programming software to minimise downtime for programming and production launching.

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