ESP6150R 6MP

ESP6150R 6MP

Automatic machine for grinding flat parts.

Products: flat faucet parts or any kind of extruded, laminated or machined flat part.
Adjustable height of the heads: 2, 4, 6 or 8 units.
Dry grinding or cooling liquid.
Integration of different PLC brands: ABB, ALLEN BRADLEY, B&R, SIEMENS, etc.
Customised HMI interface. Easy adjustment.
Programming handheld terminal.
Flexible production: automatic change of program.
Return conveyor belt.
Efficient production: possibility to integrate different types of manipulator.

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    Easy intuitive programming with multiple adjustments and functions.

  • Side grinding of faucet parts

    Possibility to use different types of grippers.

  • Rear grinding of faucet parts
  • Perfect finish of flat surfaces

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