MRI1643 NC18

MRI1643 NC18

Special polishing CNC rotary machine.

Products: faucet bodies, bathroom accessories, door handles and parts with complex shapes.
Application for multiple industry sectors.
Materials: brass, zamak, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.
Process: polishing, repolishing and brightening. Satin finishing.
Four station indexed rotary table.
Three programmable polishing units.
Six programmable interpolating CNC axes in each station. Total eighteen CNC axes.
Quick change of mops and grippers.
Exclusive programming system MEPSA smartPOLIP®.
Customised HMI. Easy adjustment and real-time control of production parameters.
MEPSA online service. Remote assitance.

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    Customised configuration according to customer needs. Up to eight polishing units.


    Quick setup. Quick change of grippers and mops.


    Guaranteed homogeneous polishing without deformation. Polishing and brightening of 1% of the surface.

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