MRIE2054 NC18

MRIE2054 NC18

Special CNC rotary machine for grinding trowels.

Products: building hand tools, trowels, bricklayer pallets, etc.
Material: tempered forged steel.
Process: grindng with abrasive belts.
Machine configuration adapted to customer needs. Surface finish and production.
Five station indexed rotary table.
Compatible grippers for all the models to process.
Quick setup. Change of model in the minimum time.
One measuring unit with high-precision laser sensor.
Three programmable grinding units.
Eighteen programmable interpolating CNC axes.
Exclusive programming system MEPSA smartPOLIP®.
Customised HMI. Easy adjustment and real-time control of production parameters.
MEPSA online service. Remote assitance.

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    Grinding of the top and low surface of the trowels. Thickness dimensioning control according to customer specifications.


    Different types of forged trowels and bricklayer pallets before the grinding process.


    Guaranteed optimum grinding with perfect definition of the central top line of the trowels. Homogeneous finish without deformation.

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