Cookies policy

Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that gets unloaded in your computer when entering certain websites.  Among others, cookies allow the storage and recovery of information about the surfing habits of a certain user or equipment and depending on the information and the type of use of the equipment they may be used to identify the user.


What purpose do we use cookies for? What cookies do we use?

This site uses cookies for different reasons:



Statistical cookies help the owner of the site understand how visitors interact with the web pages by gathering and providing information such as the number of users for the statistical analysis of the service use.

Detail of the statistical cookies used by this site is the following:

  • Cookies: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz, utmt, _gat, __ga, _gid.
  • Name: Google Analytics
  • Type: Third parties
  • Purpose: Gather information about the users surfing through the site with the aim to know the origin of visits and other statistical data.  Personal data such as names and surnames of the users, or postal address from which the connection is made are not obtained.
  • More information: Google Privacy centre:


Technical or necessary cookies

Those cookies used for browsing and for the proper functioning of our site.  They allow control of traffic and data communication, access to limited access points, use of security elements, store content for video display or share content through social networks.

Detail of the technical cookies used in this site:

  • Cookies: cookieconsent_dismissed
  • Name: Technical
  • Type: Own
  • Purpose: Technical cookie to control cookies acceptance.
  • More information: In the website.
  • Cookies: cfuid
  • Name: Technical
  • Type: Own
  • Purpose: Used to identify trusted web traffic.
  • More information: In the website.
  • Cookies: csrftoken
  • Name: Technical
  • Type: Own
  • Purpose: Guarantee quality and safe browsing through our site.
  • More information: In the website.

Note: 'Own' cookies are only used by the owner of this site and 'Third party' cookies are used by the service provider detailed in the previous point.

Delete or block cookies 

You may allow, block or delete those cookies installed in your equipment by means of the configuration options of the browser installed in your computer.

You may find more information about your browser and cookies in the following links:


Opt-out browser for Google Analytics

If you wish to reject Google Analytics cookies in all the browsers so that your information is not sent to Google Analtytics you may unload a complement with this function through this link: